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Standard appraisal services done while you wait and watch.  

Retail replacement value, Fair Market value, Liquidation value, and the myriad of subcategories of these three major appraisal types including:  Insurance, Divorce, Taxation, Damage, Theft.

Many online retailers will allow us to receive a diamond, colored gem or a fine item of jewelry on your behalf before you pay.  If you are local, then you can come see the item in person. However, most of our customers are distant from us, and we are fully accustomed to handling their concerns, too.

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Unbiased jewelry, diamond and colored gem consulting in the purchase of an on-line or in-store purchase is available.

Who can I trust?  Is there some practical way to better protect myself?”

Can these old items be taken apart and put together to form a new, modern piece which I could wear? Is this a real diamond? Is there a “problem” with this diamond or piece of jewelry?

Inexpensive and knowledgeable shopping assistance with comparisons of graded diamonds of your choice before you waste hundreds of dollars and your time with needless shipping costs.  Comparison of  two or more reports on diamonds based on their GIA or other certs.  I’ll provide you advice on which to consider and which to reject based on both the technical aspects on the reports and also based on your own tastes and goals which we will work together on to get you into the “right” stone.  Click herePlease see our fee page for this type of consultation work.

Some will say “I know what I like, but I have no idea of how to get it”.  Let my many years of experience help you make the right choice.

Consultant in the sale of Diamonds, Jewelry and Colored Gems

If you are contemplating the sale of your diamonds and jewelry, I can assist you with market knowledge.  Jewelry, diamonds, and colored gems are blind value items that you must understand before deciding how much to accept for them.   Remember, you can only sell an item one time, so don’t make a mistake you will regret over and over.  Knowledge vastly increases your financial return, and costs very little to obtain. Don’t make a far more costly, impulsive mistake in selling before you understand the value.

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