Jewelry Appraisal for Insurance

Whether you have obtained a fine collection of jewelry or have a few sentimental pieces, you should insure your jewelry today. Prepare for the unexpected, such as loss or theft of your jewelry, by receiving an appraisal of your items for insurance purposes. By working with an expert gemological insurance appraiser, you will receive a reliable appraisal on your jewelry. David S. Atlas is a Certified Senior Member of NAJA and a Graduate Gemologist, GIA with over 50 years of experience.  Atlas is an Associate Director of NAJA and also has served for many years as Chairman of Ethical Issues for NAJA.

Why Should You have Jewelry Appraised for Insurance?

There are several reasons to have your jewelry appraised for insurance. One reason is that insurance companies won’t take your word for the value of items. By providing your insurance company with a legitimate, independent, jewelry appraisal, they will have solid documentation for the value of the item.

One may believe that providing your insurer with a sales receipt of the item will be good enough to verify the value, however, this is not always true or the best way to obtain coverage. A sales receipt for the piece of jewelry might be sufficient for insurance, but it takes an independent expert to inform you that everything is just as it ought to be, even with a new item of jewelry. One of the very best ways to verify the value and condition of an item is through an independent appraisal.

You may have already received an appraisal for one of your pieces. However, it is important to get updated appraisals for these pieces. Most insurance companies require updated appraisals from time to time. Even if they do not require updates, it may be wise to provide them with updates to make sure you are insuring your items at their current proper value.

Get a Gemological Insurance Appraisal Today!

If you are in need of a gemological insurance appraiser in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Delaware or Eastern Maryland work with David S. Atlas today! We provide you with a variety of solutions important for your insurance needs. Contact us today at 215-385-025 or email at to set up an appointment to receive a jewelry appraisal for insurance.