Shape Selector

Pick your shape. Then, enter the length and width.  Design the perfect stone with our Shape Selector. This tool also provides you with the option to personalize the bulge factor of the jewel. Since you can customize the shape, outline and size of the jewel, you will be able to shop and communicate the exact shape you prefer best. A personalized choice of a jewel made with our Shape Selector makes the most ideal gift. With the amount variety in jewel shaping and design you can be sure that your jewel will suit you perfectly.

Design your own preferred shape today with our Shape Selector. If you have any questions about this tool or would like to learn about the appraisal services we provide our customers, contact us as 215-385-0258. If you would like to book an appointment for consulting or appraisals, email us at or call 215-385-0258. We look forward to serving you!