How luck we really are….

Some good things to consider before you complain that things are not exactly right. Click to enable presentation: How Lucky We Really Are

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1946 end of year photo of the Sansom St. Business Association Meeting.

My young father is in the upper right of the photo with the arrow pointing to him.  He had just come back to the family business from WWII and was only married in June of 1946.   There sure are many more women in the working world of jewelry these days.  

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Why hire an Independent appraiser?

A professional, independent appraiser ties up all the loose ends of an important purchase. The appraiser makes certain that the diamond is in the condition listed on the report at the time of delivery to you rather than months or even years later.  If there is anything wrong, the only time to know it is right […]

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As a GIA Graduate gemologist and jewelry consultant, David S. Atlas provides jewelry consulting and jewelry appraisals in Central and Southeastern PA. Customers around the world often benefit from his services and expertise by sending in their gems and jewelry.


From insurance appraisals to divorce settlement appraisals, David S. Atlas offers a variety of appraisal types to help with your needs. Visit our appraisal services page to learn more about the different appraisals we have to offer. With over 50 years of jewelry business experience, we have acquired expert knowledge on the services we provide.


As jewelry consultants, we offer an assortment of solutions for our clients. We provide you with jewelry descriptions and market reports, which are perfect for jewelry dealers or private clients that are looking to sell their jewelry. Visit our Jewelry Descriptions & Market Reports page to learn more about this service.


You can even customize the shape and outline of your diamond by using our Shape Selector.  By using this tool, you can understand more about the shape which pleases you and then readily communicate it to your seller. 


If you are a beginner or professional consumer or jeweler, visit our Ideal-Scope Store to choose from our assortment of jewelers’ scopes. We offer high-quality products ideal for a range of needs and skill levels.


Work with David S. Atlas to receive jewelry consulting from a GIA Graduate gemologist today! If you would like to learn more about our services, contact us at 215-385-0258. Our jewelry services will provide you with all the help you need!