Gold, Silver and Platinum Prices

Above are fair gold, silver and platinum prices.  Don’t accept less from any buyer when selling.

Updated frequently, but may not be current, as the market constantly changes.

Be very cautious about sending your gold and other precious metals to those who do not clearly tell you how much they pay by the pennyweight(dwt) or gram(gr) based on a current market price.

There are 20 dwt in a troy ounce and this ounce is different than the one used with a mail scale or for measuring the weight of food. Follow the guidance below to understand pennyweight (dwt) estimation.

Use an avoirdupois, standard mail or food scale.  Simply multiply the readout in avoirdupois ounces by 18.2. 

This number is the approximate pennyweight (dwt) of precious metal and can be multiplied by the dollar amounts in the above chart  for dwt.