$125 set up fee to initiate any formal appraisal process.  Payable one time and good for 12 months.  Any additional work we do for you during the next 12 months will have no further set-up fee assessed.

Plus a Per Item Fee:

$75 for most basic small diamond, or colored gem set items, small pearls, and non-collectible watches.

$85 to $125 for semi-complex to rather complex items. Some of these might require moderate research time, such as collectible watches.   These fees include, but are not limited to, most colorless range diamonds, smaller but rare colored diamonds such as blue, red, violet, pink, etc;  large or high value colored gems,  general collectibles.  

Items requiring extensive description and/or extended research may require greater appraisal costs and will be estimated, in advance.    

$60 per item for non-gem set jewelry items.

$250 per hour for general consultation.

$12 per item minimum* for scrap and simple, no research items, which must be listed for a divorce, non-IRS estate or inventory list reporting.

*This is not a suitable method for Retail Replacement reports as the description of items is incomplete.                           

We do not specialize in the appraisal of  Jade, or Organic materials such as Ivory, Bone, etc.  While we appraise watches for replacement, we do not open sealed cases to authenticate all components as original factory equipment.

Consulting: on-line or in-store choices

Are you making a selection of the “right” diamond based on GIA or other Certs?   I will screen two or more potential diamonds based solely on their documentation, not direct examination.

$65 for the first two plus $30 more per additional stone(s).

You can’t hire an experienced, unbiased, gemologist-shopping assistant for less.  I’ll provide you advice about which diamond(s) to consider and which to reject based on both the technical aspects on the reports and also based on what I discover about your own tastes and goals.  I will work with you to get you into the “right” stone;  one you can afford, appreciate, and understand.  This will not substitute for a complete physical examination of a diamond, but it will save you time and money.  It will also make the process relatively easy instead of mysterious and financially dangerous.

Jewelry box contents examination to determine what is genuine and what is costume.


Consultation on what your jewelry is worth to sell it and how to best get it sold.

$125 per 1/2 hour in my office, no formal written report included in this fee.

 We are not accepting any Expert Testimony work at this time. 

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