Appraisals for 1 to 9 items:

$200 for the first item.   $95 for each subsequent item.

If you ask us to appraise a highly unusual item, one requiring extensive research or testing beyond our capability, an estimate of appraisal cost will always be provided for your approval, in advance.

We enjoy a long-term, fully independent, relationship with Govberg Jewelers located in Suburban Square Shopping Center, 65 St. James Place, Ardmore, PA and near Rittenhouse Square, 1521 Walnut St., in downtown Philadelphia. Govberg’s enjoys a well-earned reputation for integrity and has sufficient insurance along with the expertise to properly safeguard your items.  They can handle any needed re-finishing, stone replacement, re-mounting or repairs while your jewelry is in their possession.  Items initially left in the downtown store will be returned to downtown for pick up.  Both stores have convenient hours beginning at 10am Mon-Sat and closed Sunday.  Either location will take in your work, but all our appraisal work is currently performed at their Ardmore location.

For those clients who have single items or small groups of less than ten pieces total, we travel two to four times per month to Govberg’s Ardmore location, nearly always on Tuesdays. We do all our work on-site.  You may leave your item(s) as little as 1 day before I am scheduled to arrive and pick up on Wednesday or later in the week. You may also schedule to meet me in the Ardmore store and observe while I appraise your items while-you-watch. While-you-watch appraisals at Govberg’s are best done on groups not exceeding 5 items.

Appraisal reports are made during the week and will be sent in the US Mail. Please leave your email address if you want .pdf copies transmitted via email.

Appraisals for 10 items or more: 

Minimum fee for these appointments is $400.  This is for a consultation time of two hours or less.

The above minimum only applies when the client does not bring sufficient items or changes the appraisal into a shorter consultation.  Since this happens from time to time, there needs to be a minimum established to prevent surprise fees.  We much prefer to do a substantial piece of work for the items you told us you would bring to the appointment, but we do understand sometimes people change their mind or alter their plans.

We do this level of work in one of several regional Regus Executive Suite locations listed on our website, in an office of you supply, such as one your attorney or CPA may make available, or in your home.

While you or your representative are present with the appraiser, we photograph all items and create complete notes. Afterwards, there is still a large amount of work which must be done, but we do not require the jewelry to do the rest of the necessary work.

In home or in office, complete INSURANCE REPLACEMENT or DIVORCE appraisals are calculated at $199 per hour for the time we are with you, in your home or at our office, multiplied by 2.  This means: 4 hours, in your home or with you in our office, would generate a $1,592 fee.   The average fee per item usually is in the $75 range

In home or office, complete IRS qualified FAIR MARKET VALUE appraisals are calculated at $235 per hour for the time we are with you, in your home or at our office, multiplied by 2.  This means 4 hours, in your home or with you in our office, would generate a $1,880 fee.   The average fee per item for this specialized work is in the $88 range.

Our extensive experience has shown this method of computing fees allows for travel, setting up and taking down our equipment, time to examine all the items, our research time, the computation of values and the dedicated computer time involved in creation of your appraisal reports. 

Our ultimate goal is a most professional job, correctly done and worth the necessary cost to our clients.

What we don’t appraise:

We do not generally appraise or identify any items containing jade, turquoise, meteors, or organic materials, such as ivory, bone, or teeth.  We are not expert in American or Asian Indian jewelry.

What we don’t do:

While we appraise watches for replacement, we do not open sealed cases to inspect components and we are NOT watch authenticators.

We won’t tell you we are an expert in everything.  When we don’t know something, we will advise you of our limitations.

Consulting: on-line or in-store choices

Are you making a selection of the “right” diamond based on GIA or other Certs?   I will screen two or more potential diamonds based solely on their documentation, not direct examination.

$65 for the first two plus $30 more per additional stone(s).

You can’t hire an experienced, unbiased, gemologist-shopping assistant for less.  I’ll provide you advice about which diamond(s) to consider and which to reject based on both the technical aspects on the reports and also based on what I discover about your own tastes and goals.  I will work with you to get you into the “right” stone;  one you can afford, appreciate, and understand.  This will not substitute for a complete physical examination of a diamond, but it will save you time and money.  It will also make the process relatively easy instead of mysterious and financially dangerous.

Jewelry box contents examination to determine what is genuine and what is costume.


Consultation on what your jewelry is worth to sell it and how to best get it sold.

$125 per 1/2 hour in office, no formal written report included in this fee.

 We are not accepting any Expert Testimony work at this time. 

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