Fees For Appraising

Appraisals AT YOUR LOCATION:       Home, Office, Bank, etc.

Up to 2 items insurance or divorce:             $300 minimum.  

More than 2 items insurance or divorce:     $75 per additional item.


Up to 2 items for estates or taxes:                 $370 minimum.

More than 2 items estates or taxes:               $85 per additional item.

We always make binding fee estimates upon actual physical examination of the all the items which are going to be appraised.  This is necessary, since there are occasionally extraordinary items requiring intensive research.

Appraisals at GOVBERG’S – Suburban Square, Ardmore, PA:

$200 for the first item.   $95 for each subsequent item.  There is a 5 item limit.

We have enjoyed a long-term, fully independent, relationship with Govberg Jewelers located in Suburban Square Shopping Center, 65 St. James Place, Ardmore, PA and near Rittenhouse Square, 1521 Walnut St., in downtown Philadelphia.  Govberg’s has a well-earned reputation for integrity and sufficient insurance along with the expertise to properly safeguard your items.  They can handle any needed re-finishing, stone replacement, re-mounting or repairs while your jewelry is in their possession.  Items initially left in the downtown store will be returned to downtown for pick up.  Both stores have convenient hours beginning at 10am Mon-Sat and closed Sunday.  Either location will take in your work, but all our appraisal work is currently performed at their Ardmore location.

For those clients who have 1 to 5 items we generally suggest using the Govberg Ardmore location as we visit the store two to four times per month.  We do all our work on-site.  You may leave your item(s) ahead of time or even just the day before our scheduled arrival.  You may pick up as soon as we have examined the items or later, at your convenience.  You may also schedule to meet me in the Ardmore store and observe while I appraise your items while-you-watch. 

Our goal is a most professional job.  We take pride in work which is correctly done and worth the necessary cost. 


Consulting with individuals who require assistance making purchase decisions:

Are you making a selection of the “right” diamond based on GIA or other Certs?   I will screen two or more potential diamonds based solely on their documentation, not direct examination.

$65 for the first two plus $30 more per additional stone(s).

You can’t hire an experienced, unbiased, gemologist-shopping assistant for less.  I’ll provide you advice about which diamond(s) to consider and which to reject based on both the technical aspects on the reports and also based on what I discover about your own tastes and goals.  I will work with you until you find the “right” stone;  one you can afford, appreciate, and understand.  A remote consultation does not replace a complete physical examination of a diamond, but screening will decrease your doubts and educate you at the same time.  You will end up saving time and make a fact based decision.  We can make the selection and buying process relatively easy instead of mysterious and financially dangerous.

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We do not generally appraise or identify any items containing jade, turquoise, meteors, or organic materials, such as ivory, bone, or teeth.  We are not expert in American or Asian Indian jewelry.

While we appraise watches for replacement, we do not open sealed cases to inspect components and we are NOT watch authenticators.  We do not authenticate maker’s marks on jewelry.  If a mark appears proper, we assume it is correct for insurance or divorce.  For tax work, we may need to seek proper authentication directly from a maker or outside expert.

We won’t tell you we are an expert in everything.  When we don’t know something, we will advise you of our limitations and suggest what steps should be taken.


We are not accepting any Expert Testimony work at this time.