Consultant in the sale of Diamonds, Jewelry and Colored Gems

Jewelry, diamonds, and colored gems can be sold through our services for no more than a nominal cost, when consigned, while maximizing the return to you. Don’t make a costly, impulsive mistake in selling before you understand the value.

Until 2012 D. Atlas & Co., Inc.  purchased jewelry and gems.  We fully understand how to assist you when you wish to sell items of importance.

If you are considering selling jewelry, large diamonds, fine colored gems, or precious metals, we have a professional solution for you. We will work with you to establish the “right” price and help you get the items sold with rapid payment to you. Whatever your reason to become a seller; raising cash for large bills, paying tuition, making a contribution or obtaining a divorce, D. Atlas & Co., Inc. will do the legwork and protect your best interests. Most people have little idea how to safely sell jewelry and don’t want to just dump it for scrap. D. Atlas & Co., Inc is a rare consumer advocate, advisory service with the reputation and credentials to tailor each transaction just right to fit you and your needs.

You may email our professional consultant directly here.