• David Atlas, Expert Gemologist

Best Practices in Selling Estate Jewelry, Diamonds and Gems

 A definitive guide to doing the job right, without regret, and without making costly mistakes. For over 40 years of my even longer career in the jewelry industry, I bought and sold estate jewelry, diamonds and gems. There is nothing like daily experience over decades to give someone a unique and wonderful insight into the […]

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How luck we really are….

Some good things to consider before you complain that things are not exactly right. Click to enable presentation: How Lucky We Really Are

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1946 end of year photo of the Sansom St. Business Association Meeting.

My young father is in the upper right of the photo with the arrow pointing to him.  He had just come back to the family business from WWII and was only married in June of 1946.   There sure are many more women in the working world of jewelry these days.  

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